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Superhero Finnegan Saves Chicago From Villainy

Galacto chasing T-Storm

“ Thank you very much on behalf of the citizens of Chicago. ”

- Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Fog hung over the city as Lt. Robert Stasch of the Chicago Police Department circulated the flyers about a rash of bank robberies by a criminal named T-Storm and his gang during the morning roll call at 1st District Headquarters.

But Lt. Stasch knew it was only a matter of time until evil was stopped. He had a secret weapon, a newly trained recruit, who would make sure the city would stay safe. That secret weapon: a new superhero named "Galacto."

“The police department was trying very, very hard to make sure that they identified and apprehended T-Storm, but we were at a loss,” said Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. “When I talked to the superintendent, he told me, ‘we have the answer…Galacto has answered the call.’”

Like many superheroes, Galacto's backstory is one of struggle and redemption. Galacto's alter ego is Finnegan, a six-year-old spitfire who lives in Westchester with his brother Colman and their parents. He was diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune disorder several years ago, one he shares with Colman and his mom. His disease must be monitored closely because even a common cold can send him to the hospital for a long stay. Finnegan bravely faces regular infusions to keep him as healthy as possible.

But, thoughts of Finnegan's disease were farthest from his mind as he trained at the Chicago Police Academy to join the ranks. Finn didn't think his powers were needed, but two days after joining the force, the call for Galacto was heard. And so that foggy morning Galacto set out with Lt. Stasch first by car, then in a helicopter and finally in a boat on Lake Michigan to track down the villains. They were spotted, and a chase ensued up and down the famous Lake Shore Drive before the bad guys were cornered at Navy Pier.

Galacto arrived to cheering crowds, quickly dispatched the criminals in harrowing foot pursuit and restored a sense of safety to the city. In a press conference following his heroic feats, Chicago’s top officials offered their thanks.

“Hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed as you trained hard and prepared to capture the nefarious T-Storm and his band of evil doers,” said Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

“If we need him again, he’s ready to come back into action,” said Mayor Lori Lightfoot. “Thank you very much on behalf of the citizens of Chicago.”

“The Chicago Police Department owes a great amount of gratitude for Galacto’s help. There’s no way we could have done this without him,” added Lt. Robert Stasch.

For now, Galacto has returned to his private persona of Finnegan. He certainly has memories of his day that will last a lifetime and truly knows that anything is possible.

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  • Galacto, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson

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