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Molly's Fashionable Wish

Molly trys on runway wear

“ It’s cool how memorable and unique the wish can be. ”

- Molly

“Everyone’s experience is so personal. Make-A-Wish has always made it all about the kid and what they want, and it’s personal to everyone. It’s cool how memorable and unique the wish can be, like the light at the end of the tunnel.”

In 1999, 17-year-old Molly wished to go to New York Fashion Week. She was really interested in fashion, and because this was before designers were treated like celebrities and runway shows were frequent, Molly wanted to see a fashion show up close in person.

Molly, her friend and her cousin were greeted in New York with a full itinerary of three fashion shows with VIP backstage access, a Broadway show, and a makeover with a personal shopper.

“As soon as you say Make-A-Wish, every door flies open and they treat you like a celebrity,” Molly, now 34, recalled.

Ellen and Molly, Wish Ball 2016Molly is still reminded of the impact of her wish. She explained that everything happened so fast, with her diagnosis of osteosarcoma and subsequent treatment. It was a really overwhelming experience for her and her family, but then one day it all ended.

“We used my wish as a reward at the end. We started with this bad bang of a thing that happened, but we ended with a cool bang with my wish. It was the other bookend of the being sick part,” Molly shared.

Molly also recalled her days as a camper and then camp counselor at a camp for children undergoing cancer treatment. She said the campers would exchange stories of the treatment they had faced or were facing, and they all talked about their wishes.

“It was something for one kid to look forward to, or for another kid to talk about. It’s a weird thing, that you can take an experience that’s so terrible and make it not so bad, when you know that other people are going through the same thing,” Molly said.

Molly graduated from DePaul University in 2003 and traveled as much as she could. Currently, she works for Gonnella Frozen Products. Molly is also married and the proud owner of a dog. Molly, pictured above at right, recently attended Wish Ball along with 29 other Wish Ambassadors.

See Molly talk about the long-lasting impact of her wish in the video below.

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