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Hiroki Meets Mickey Mouse

Hiroki Meets Mickey Mouse

“ Hiroki will remember this for a very long time. ”

- Benjamin, Hiroki's dad

Six-year-old Hiroki steps outside and gets picked up in a limo, unable to contain the excitement he is feeling. He wished to meet some of his favorite Disney characters at Disney World, and his wish is about to be granted.

Hiroki and his family were set to take off to Disney World with Christmas spirit in the air.

In 2016, Hiroki was diagnosed with cancer. Although he has faced some challenges, thinking about the things he would be able to do during his wish to visit Florida theme parks kept his up his spirits.

The days were filled with pure joy and smiles on everyone's faces, especially Hiroki’s. His family enjoyed spending time at Universal Studios, Sea World, LEGOLAND, and several of the Disney parks. As Christmas lights lit up the park, so did Hiroki’s smile. His days started with ice-cream and ended by staying up until 10 p.m., because he could not wait until the following days to come. Hiroki says he enjoyed every moment, especially the roller coasters.

Hiroki and his sister enjoying their time at Disney.Since Hiroki was a first timer such big theme parks, his father Benjamin was a little nervous about letting him ride the coasters.

“I thought he would be hanging on for dear life, but he just put his hands up and was ready to go,” Benjamin said.

Hiroki and his sister have not stopped talking about the wish experience and they both have souvenirs to remind them every day. They have magic wands that they’ve been playing with each night, and stuffed animals of their favorite characters lined up in their room.

“This trip was phenomenal, from start to finish,” Benjamin said. “Hiroki will remember this for a very long time.”

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