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Swing Brings Smiles to McKenzie

McKenzie's wish for a swing

“ She isn’t being left out of having fun with her siblings. ”

- Rebekah, wish parent

When McKenzie was a baby, she was diagnosed with a nervous system disorder that left her trach and wheelchair dependent. Though she is nonverbal, she is very expressive and enjoys being with her friends and family. While many travel wishes have been postponed, McKenzie’s wish for an ADA swing was granted in early April and she is delighted to be spending more time outdoors.

McKenzie's wish for a swing“She could spend hours out there if we let her,” her mother Rebekah shared. “This has helped with quarantine so much.”

Despite her condition, McKenzie has never stopped smiling and has continued to be a beacon of hope and light for those around her.

After her long-awaited countdown, McKenzie’s wish day finally arrived! Her excitement was through the roof after she had patiently waited and watched the contractors work on her dream swing just right outside her window. When it came time for her wish to finally come true, McKenzie couldn’t hide the smile on her face if she tried! The sun shone down on her face as she swung back and forth and felt the cool, crisp breeze as it moved along with her.

"This has been the best gift ever!", Rebekah said. McKenzie and her family are looking forward to many years of spending time together and making wonderful memories as they enjoy her new swing together.

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