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Latazia's VIP Shopping Spree

Wish child Latazia and family

“ It took a huge load of stress off of all of us. ”

- Azure, Latazia's mother

17-year-old Latazia loves music, dancing and shopping, so a shopping wish was perfect for this South Holland teen. Diagnosed with a life-threatening hematologic disorder, Latazia's family found Make-A-Wish through a social worker at the hospital where she is treated.

The wish day did not disappoint! Traveling by limousine, Latazia and her family first stopped at Macy's where staff greeted them warmly with signs and flowers, making it known that it was all about Latazia that day. The store provided her own private dressing room and a mini-makeover. She proudly showed off her crown and boa all day. "We really appreciated everything that Macy's did and they really gave her everything she wanted," Latazia's mother, Azure, shared.

Latazia's wish day continued with several more stops to her favorite stores and included many treats along the way. This was a day where the family was able to forget about their worries of Latazia's illness and revel in her being happy. The smile on Latazia's face was present the whole day.

"It took a huge load of stress off of all of us, and we didn't have to worry about anything else that day," Azure shared. She went on to say the wish was something the whole family needed and it gave them hope throughout some very stressful times. Latazia and her family were especially thankful to the wish granting team for being encouraging and going above and beyond to make Latazia's day one she will never forget.

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