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There's no place Landon would rather be than his gaming paradise

Wish kid Landon before his room reveal

“ Their wishes give them a break from thinking about it all ”

- Landon's mom

Landon and his sister were both diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic disorder in 2013. Through social media they learned about Make-A-Wish and soon had their first experience when his older sister, Gianna, received a wish to go on a Disney cruise. While enjoying the sunshine and meeting Disney characters with his sister, Landon’s own wish for a room makeover was in the final planning stages and would be granted in a couple of months.

“As much as I hate for them to have this condition, a wish has been an awesome way for them to smile and be care free,” said their mom, Brittney.

Though he is unable to go to amusement parks, carnivals and play sports with friends because of medical restrictions, Landon enjoys watching YouTube and playing Legos and video games. His favorites include Minecraft and Roblox, because he likes to be creative.

“He is a very vivacious 9-year-old who loves to make people laugh and is always trying to take care of others,” said his mom.

Wish child Landon playing in his new game room After working with his wish granters, Landon decided to wish for a basement room makeover that would include a new television, nerf gun wall, Pacman machine and jars of all his favorite candy. He enjoys having friends over to play with in his new room.

“He would spend all-day, every day down there if I let him,” his mom said. “I have to pull him out of there!”

Landon’s family is very grateful for both Landon and his older sister’s wish. While their life-threatening illnesses have brought challenges, their wish experiences gave them a chance to relax and be around everything that they love.

“We are absolutely so thankful for everything Make-A-Wish has done and taking the time to listen to the kids and make it happen,” his mom said. “It was great to just see them smile, relax and take their mind off things.”

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