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Gaming with Kourtney


“ His wish allowed him to have them all be together to enjoy simply having fun. ”

- Dawn, wish granting volunteer

There are lots of people who love Kourtney, an 12-year-old from Chicago. This sweet boy has a large blended and extended family that means the world to him. And though they live in different households, when Kourtney was diagnosed with kidney cancer, they all rallied around him.

KourtneyNow that he is feeling better, he wanted to bring his loved ones together for a fun weekend where they could all play together. Grownups and kids alike enjoyed a gaming weekend with him, trying paintball, laser tag, bowling and go-karting, all culminating with a fun awards ceremony celebration.

“I thought it would be fun to hang with my whole family,” Kourtney said. “It was an awesome experience and I got to try new things.”

“Being with his family, and the love and support they have provided him means everything to him,” said Dawn Geras, one of Kourtney’s wish granting volunteers. “His wish allowed him to bring them all together to enjoy simply having fun. I thought his choice was incredible.”

“Kourtney was able to do things he has never done before, as well as not have a care in the world that weekend,” his family shared.

The whole group enjoyed their weekend together and predicts they will tell many stories about it for years to come. And, after Kourtney’s gaming weekend, Kourtney and his relatives felt like their Make-A-Wish volunteers were part of the family too.

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