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Israel's Shopping Spree

Garrett and Israel

“ Israel did nothing but smile the whole time! ”

- Make-A-Wish Volunteer, Garrett

Israel is an eleven-year-old from Aurora that is always very happy, outgoing, and sweet. He absolutely loves watching Paw Patrol and eating his favorite type of food which is Italian.

When he was two-years-old, Israel was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which his older brother Jairo already had been diagnosed with at the time. In 2015, Israel’s brother, Jairo, had his wish of having a shopping spree. Through his social worker at Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Israel was referred to Make-A-Wish. Like his brother, Israel decided this was the wish for him as well.

Israel, his family, and his wish granters rode in style in a limousine to Fox Valley Mall, where they were greeted at the entrance of Macy’s by the entire sales team. Since Israel and his family mainly speak Spanish, the store manager and an associate at Macy’s, who both spoke Spanish, stayed with them the whole time as they went from department to department as Israel picked out all of the essentials that he needed such as, shirts, pants, coats, gloves, socks, and so much more. Israel especially wanted to get a pair of brand new shoes. Isreal doesn't speak much, so the volunteers and staff worked with him and went shoe by shoe with Israel motioning “yes” or “no,” until he saw exactly what he had in mind.

Make-A-Wish volunteers Garrett and Wendy made sure that Israel had everything that he needed as well as all that he wanted; even getting some items for his three siblings as well. The wish experience included picking out a new television and DVD player as well several Paw Patrol DVDs, which Israel loved and can enjoy with his whole family. But the day was not over yet.

They then went to Build-A-Bear where Israel and his siblings got to all make their own stuffed animal. And of course, Israel made a Paw Patrol bear. Finally, they went to Maggiano’s to celebrate the day and were greeted so warmly by the staff. “Eating at Maggiano’s was probably the highlight for him because his favorite food is Italian,” said Garrett.

Even though Israel was didn't say much, he expressed his enjoyment of the day with generous smiles.

“You could tell he was happy," Garrett said. "In fact, he did nothing but smile the whole time!”

  • A Group Picture at Macy's!

  • At Build A Bear!

  • Finding the Perfect Shoes for Israel!

  • Garrett and Israel

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