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Damon's Gamer Paradise


“ Surrounded by his favorite things, he can't help but smile. ”

Damon is an incredibly polite and chatty young man from the city of Salem. This 11 year old loves karate, Legos and Super Mario Bros. He is also battling a life-threatening condition.

Damon’s leukemia diagnosis in 2014 hasn’t deterred his interest in all things Super Mario Bros. After being referred by a social worker to Make-A-Wish Illinois, Damon’s wish granters helped him discover that his one true wish was a room redo. Damon wanted to be surrounded by his favorite video game heroes, Super Mario Bros. Soon after he decided on a theme with his wish granters, the design process was started and Damon’s new room was underway.

Reveal day came and blindfolded Damon was filled with excited anticipation for his brand new room. His blindfold was lifted to a sky blue room with a lofted bed – he now gets to sleep on a platform just like the ones Mario jumps on to save Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom. Smashing through his wall is a mural of Mario and Yoshi looking for Damon to join their adventure.

In the midst of all the excitement, Damon plopped down with a content smile next to his green mushroom light.

Damon told his wish granters that his room was even better than he expected. One granter said “hearing that was the icing on our cake! When I called his mom yesterday, she said he calls it his man cave!” Damon’s room is a more energetic and happier place, which he is enjoying every day and night.

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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