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“ Camilla loved the attention showered on her that day. ”

Camilla is a happy and calm 3- year old from Peoria who shares her excitement through her facial expressions since she is unable to communicate verbally. Her sparkling eyes give away her delight at bright colors and musical movies.

At birth, Camilla was diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic disorder that causes seizures and disrupts her development in significant ways. Camilla’s family found Make-A-Wish through a nurse at OSF St. Francis Medical Center where she is currently being treated.

CamillaCamilla’s wish was a day of shopping for her favorite things. Being out in the fresh fall air was invigorating for both Camilla and her parents who spend a lot of time at home. A highlight was having family photos taken to preserve the memory of the day.

“The day was such a blessing given that we do not get to buy a lot for her and having Make-A-Wish help out was absolutely amazing and unforgettable,” Camilla’s mom said.

It was apparent to Camilla that the shopping spree was all about her and she loved the attention. She was so excited to get into her new car seat and cuddle her new bear from Build-A-Bear. Her eyes lit up when she heard the voice coming from her custom bear, which was a recording of her parents saying, “We love you, Camilla.”

“It was so heartwarming to see Camilla’s transition as she blossomed into an excited little girl receiving all her favorite things,” the wish granter commented.

The management teams at all the retail stores greeted Camilla and her family at the front door making them feel so welcomed. Everyone was thrilled to play a role in this special day for Camilla.

Camilla’s mom was touched by the generosity of the retail community, thankful to the wish granters and grateful that Camilla had a day of attention.

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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