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Victor's Hawaiian Adventure


“ Now we are looking forward to new adventures and places to visit, instead of thinking his treatment. ”

- Ana, Victor's mom

Victor is an 11 year old adventurer who loves trying new things. He recently took a trip to Hawaii where he got to experience island culture and swim with dolphins.

He usually enjoys playing soccer, football and biking with friends, but all of that was put on hold when he was diagnosed with leukemia. He was highly sensitive to the early treatment, so it had to be spread out over a longer period, requiring more hospital visits. 

In 2018, as he was getting closer to the maintenance phase of his treatment, his medical team introduced him to Make-A-Wish. He enjoyed planning for his wish while he was finishing his treatments that required long hospital visits. He had heard about Hawaii from some friends that had been there, and decided that he wanted to try the cool things he had heard about.

His wish came true last summer. The days leading up to the trip were filled with anticipation as he talked to friends and family about the things he’d get to experience once there.

Victor loved scuba diving in HawaiiVictor and his family got a chance to swim, snorkel, and have a close-up encounter with dolphins or as Victor likes to call them “the dogs of the sea.” Victor had a blast exploring, hiking, and taking in Hawaiian culture at a luau.

Although he doesn’t like talking about his illness or ongoing treatment, Victor has been high spirited and optimistic throughout his Make-A-Wish journey. He says his favorite thing about the trip was “breathing under-water” and getting to see the colorful fishes while snorkeling. 

When looking back on their family trip, Victor’s mom believes it brought everyone a refreshed perspective on things and relieved his anxiety and stress of brought about by medical treatment. It was a fresh start to a new chapter for them all.

Victor has a long way to go in his treatment, though now he can take his medicine at home. His wish gave him an opportunity to remember all of the things he enjoyed before getting sick.

“Now we are looking forward to new adventures and places to visit, instead of thinking his treatment,” said Victor’s mom.

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