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Sarah and the Dolphin

wish child Sarah

“ Although we are already a close-knit family, this trip made us even closer. ”

Though she can be shy with strangers, Sarah, 8, from south suburban Matteson is very outgoing at home with her siblings and around her cousins. Diagnosed at birth with a life-threatening hematologic disorder, her mother referred Sarah to Make-A-Wish.

Sarah really wanted to swim with the dolphins at the Atlantis Resort. She had seen a video online and knew that is what would make her the happiest. She re-watched the videos several times before her wish and was very excited that her family would be there too.

From the limo to the resort and everything in between, Sarah enjoyed sharing every minute of her trip with her family as herwish indeed came true when she swam with Tamera the dolphin in the Bahamas (pictured).

“The granting of her wish made her feel very special,” Sarah’s mother wrote she explained because Sarah was so excited and so happy to be able to ‘take the family on vacation.'

“Although we are already a close-knit family, this trip made us even closer.”

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