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Sara's trip to Germany

wish child Sara

“ My wish changed my life [because] it allowed me to see a new side of the world. ”

- Sara

19-year-old Sara, diagnosed with a brain tumor, was introduced to Make-A-Wish through a social worker at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital where she was being treated. Sara has loved the history and culture of Germany since she first visited the country during high school. For her wish, she wanted to go back and explore further with her mother.

wish child Sara and familySara and her mother flew to Berlin to visit some of the most famous historic sites. In Berlin they saw the beautiful and historic Brandenburg Gate. While in Berlin, Sara went to see the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the Berlin Wall.

On a lighter note, Sara and her mother had the opportunity to have lunch in the iconic TV tower Berliner Fernsehturm. In the famous landmark the two were able to enjoy a traditional German meal while taking in the breathtaking 360 degree view of Berlin.

After their time in Berlin, Sara was able to visit her friend who lives in the southern part of the country. She spent time with her friend and her family while exploring the countryside of Germany and even discovering a few castles and visiting The Black Forest.

"It was an experience completely different from Berlin but it was just as beautiful," Sara said of their countryside trip.

“My wish changed my life [because] it’s allowed me to see a new side of the world,” she shared. She gave advice to her fellow wish children, “I would say, to not be afraid to travel to a new place even if it only means going to another state.“

"This experience has given me a greater hope to continue my education in German and travel to Germany to study. As well as a desire to do more for my family."

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