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Marcus Attends Animation School

Marcus visits Universal Studios

“ Exploring his passion through his wish. ”

Marcus is a happy, outgoing, 15-year-old boy who loves to draw. Born with Sickle Cell, Marcus underwent treatment at Loyola Medical Center, the whole time keeping his sense of humor and his passion for drawing. When Marcus thought about the possibilities of a wish, he wanted to incorporate his love for drawing into his wish somehow, and animation was something that came to mind.

Marcus and his family boarded a plane and embarked on a journey to Orlando, Florida to visit Universal Studios. Marcus and his family toured the Dave Animation School located in Universal studios and they were amazed that a school like that even existed.

Marcus meets the animatorsMarcus was so happy to find a way to turn his passion of drawing into a possible career, and the people at the animation school were so thrilled to be able to bring a smile to Marcus’s face. While at the school, Marcus got to meet with Matt Killian, a professional animator who took the time to show Marcus some of his sketches and how he turned them into animations using computer software. Marcus even received “The Animator’s Survival Kit” textbook from the animation school and they encouraged him to pursue his dream of animation.

This wish gave Marcus a sense of hope for his future and he was amazed to see how his passion for drawing could be turned into a career like animation.

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