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Jordan Goes to San Diego!

Jordan feeding a Kangaroo

“ I already have everything; I just had my wish! ”

- Jordan

Jordan is a very outgoing four-year-old boy. He’s also very empathetic for his age, especially when he visits the hospital for treatment related to his congenital heart condition and begins worrying about other “sick kids” there.

While his parents always knew he had a lot of love to share, they were a bit surprised when he said his wish was to “hold a whale and build sandcastles at the beach.” Whales are also very social creatures, so in the end it all make perfect sense.

“He has dealt with a lot in his short life, with his heart surgeries, being adopted, and then adding a “twin” brother who is only three months younger, so to see him enjoy something that was just for him was so special,” Mary, Jordan’s mom said.

Jordan at SeaWorldJordan’s favorite part of his wish was seeing, touching, and especially feeding the beluga whales and dolphins. He was so proud of himself when he put his fears aside and “held” the whale to say that he could do this. Jordan’s wish boosted his confidence.

“We could tell he was nervous with some new experiences and not knowing what to expect, but he got over it quickly and now loves to talk about all the things he was able to do,” Mary shared.

“What was really cool for us as parents though, was the amount of people who came up to us to share their own wish stories — whether we were in the airport, on the shuttle to the airport, at the hotel, on the beach, or even actually on the airplane. It was great to connect with other families who simply ’get it’, that these experiences are so fun and exciting and once in a lifetime—but only happen because our kids have some sort of critical illness or condition. As parents, that was special to hear and relate to.”  

Since her returned from his trip Jordan, brings his new stuffed beluga whale everywhere he goes, and asks his mom: “Can I and so...about my wish trip?” His wish experience definitely made an impact on him. In fact, his birthday just recently happened and when his mom asked him what he wanted he told her: “I already have everything; I just had my wish!”

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