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A Big Boat Adventure for Jeg

Jeg's family ready for pirate party

“ Seeing other wish kids helped him feel not so alone. ”

5-year-old Jeg is a very special little boy from Morrison, a town near the Quad Cities, that lights up the world with his smile and laughter. He is thoughtful, funny, kind, and loves with his whole heart. In 2017, Jeg was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that will progress and since then, his family has been very active by creating a bucket list for him, before he starts losing his abilities.

Jeg’s parents always remind him and his sister that, “there is a big beautiful world out there and they should go see everything that they can.”

Jeg and dolphinHe and his family love traveling, and like most 5-year-olds, Jeg loves everything Disney. In fact, a year before Jeg was diagnosed their family went to Walt Disney World. So, when Jeg found out that he could wish for just about anything, the choice wasn't a hard one for him because he loves the ocean, the sun and the beach. And according to one of his wish granters, he just really wanted to go on “the big boat!”

“To be able to see his face when he saw the size of the ship, the blue of the ocean, and feel the softness of the sand between his toes was something we can't describe in words,” said Jeg’s mom, Jenna.

While on the cruise, Jeg loved swimming and seeing all of the different beaches. He also had the chance to swim with dolphins and loved every minute of that too! Seeing other wish kids also helped him feel not so alone.

According to his mom, Jeg is pretty healthy for a child with his particular genetic disorder, but that won’t always be the case. Having his wish granted to go on the Disney Cruise definitely gave him something to look forward to amidst his appointments and treatments.

Right now, Jeg is looking forward to the summer when he can race his junior dragster again, go bowling and be as normal of a 5-year-old as he can be.

  • Jeg and his family with a dolphin

  • Jeg chilling out at sea

  • Jeg and his family

  • Jeg with a dolphin

Every day is a gift for our family. ”

— Jeg's mom

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Kathy Swanson

Jeg is my Grandson, Jenna is my daughter. Thank you Make a Wish for granting this amazing trip for Jeg! He really loved it and already wants to go back! Jeg is a very special little boy, so glad he had such a good time with his family!! God bless you for granting these wishes for these wonderful children!! Forever grateful, Gaga...(that's what Jeg calls me) 😍

January 23, 2019 - 5:05 PM

Andrea Dalton

Beautiful story - so glad you all got to take this amazing trip & make special memories that can never be taken away! Jeg is a such a special little boy & loved by so many! God bless you all! 💙🙏💙

January 23, 2019 - 5:54 PM

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