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Jadon Visits Disney World


“ Jadon’s wish was a time where we didn’t have to think about nurses, doctors, or lab work. We were able to have a fun time with no worries. ”

- Jadon's Mom

Jadon felt like a celebrity as he opened his front door and saw a Hummer limo awaiting him. This laid-back 10-year-old boy from Bloomington was diagnosed in 2004 with a life threatening kidney disease, which required a kidney transplant.

He was referred to Make-A-Wish by a member of this medical team at the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, and shared his wish to go to Disney. “Jadon was so excited for his wish that he made his own countdown,” mentioned Jadon’s mother.

The journey began as Jadon and his family arrived at the airport.  Before they boarded the plane, the ticket agent made an announcement over the loud speaker mentioning that Jadon was from Make-A-Wish and was visiting Disney World. The surrounding passengers stood up and started cheering and clapping for him. As the plane arrived in the terminal, Jadon was greeted by the pilot and several flight attendants. The pilot gave Jadon a private tour of the plane and showed him how the plane was flown. With wide eyes, Jadon asked, “mommy how does he know what buttons to push?”

Jadon’s family consists of six siblings and he is used to sharing a bedroom with his younger brother. While on his wish however, Jadon felt like a prince when he discovered he had his own room for the week. “This made Jadon feel so special,” said Jadon’s mom.

Once he arrived at Universal Studios, Jadon fearlessly challenged some of the most intense rides at park with his older brothers. He was also able to meet and take pictures with his favorite Transformer characters. “Jadon had a blast on these rides and wanted to keep going again and again,” said Jadon’s mom.

At Disney World Jadon received VIP treatment. He was escorted around the park by a Disney Tour Guide, which provided him with access to personal meet and greets with every Disney Character imaginable. Jadon’s wish came true when he met his favorite character, Buzz Lightyear. 


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