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Isaac and the Magic Kingdom

Isaac's perfect

“ I had a wish and it was perfect. ”

Just days after he was born, Isaac was diagnosed with a neurological disorder. Today 4-year-old Isaac has been hospitalized for multiple surgeries, but that doesn’t stop him from being his outgoing and charismatic self, and a “bright light” according to his mom.

Jill, Isaac’s mom, learned about Make-A-Wish from a child life specialist at Lurie Children’s Hospital in the fall of 2018. After Jill made the referral, Isaac had thought of many wishes he wanted to experience, with the top one being a dinner with princesses and princes.

Through Make-A-Wish, Isaac and his family were granted a week-long trip to Walt Disney World to fulfill his wish. On the day they left for Florida, Isaac was surprised to see police and firetrucks lining the street outside his house. While escorted by firetrucks on the way to the airport, Isaac said “I love this so much” and “I’m so special” according to his mom.

The trip took an unexpected turn when, Jordan, Isaac’s younger sister, had complications that required surgery at a local hospital. Although Isaac’s mom said the trip was a little more emotional than anticipated, “it was still magical.”

Isaac's perfect wishFor the rest of the trip, Isaac’s grandma joined him and his other siblings in exploring the theme parks. Isaac fulfilled his wish by having a wonderful dinner at Epcot surrounded by tables full of characters, including princesses and princes. He also experienced a dolphin encounter while on the trip.

Although the trip didn’t quiet go as planned, Isaac remained positive and excited about everything. His siblings also enjoyed the trip and the nice getaway from their day to day lives.

Isaac’s mom spoke of how great volunteer wish granters Jessica Schmitt, Brittany Schultz, and Leanna Julius were. Even outside of planning the wish, the wish granters arranged another special experience to buoy his spirits, swimming with a mermaid. They helped set up the event at the local YMCA, where a “mermaid” swam with Isaac at the pool.

Isaac said: “I had a wish and it was perfect.”

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