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Hayley's West Coast Shopping Trip

Hayley's Wish

“ The thought of soon being under the California sun really helped during a difficult time. ”

Hayley is an outgoing teenager from Cahokia with a bubbly personality and a love for smoothies and sweet tea. She, like many others her age, adores shopping. So when the doctors at St. Louis Children’s Hospital told her that she needed a liver transplant due to her diagnosis of end stage liver disease, she didn’t let that stop her from hitting up her favorite shops. 

This sparked Hayley’s wish: a shopping getaway in sunny Southern California. Known to have one of the most interesting shopping scenes, it was a great place to indulge her shopping desire while surrounding herself with the chill attitude of The Golden State. She spent a full day solely devoted to trying on clothes and makeup and purchasing her favorites, allowing her to return back to Cahokia with some fabulous new additions to her wardrobe. As a huge fan of all things makeup, MAC Cosmetics was one of the highlights. 

When deciding what she wanted her wish to be, there were two things that intrigued Hayley about a trip to California.

“My mom is from California and I really wanted to go to the beach,” shared Hayley.

With a shopping spree out west, she was able to combine her love for shopping with her desire to see the salty ocean water, all while getting a chance to spend some time with her mother in her home state. It was the perfect fit. She made sure to stop by the ocean right when she got there and also again right before she left, making for a relaxing beginning and end to a great adventure.

Outside of the malls and the beaches, Hayley also got a chance to visit Hollywood film sets and go on rides at Universal Studios, which was the perfect day for her because of her love for movies. According to her mother Anna, “We pretty much did it all.”

The wish helped Hayley by giving her something to look forward to as she recovered from surgery. The thought of soon being under the California sun really helped during that difficult time. It was a great family getaway, and according to her mother the trip made her extremely happy.

“It was amazing.”

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