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Copenhagen Exceeds Hannah's Expectations

Hannah in Copenhagen!

“ It was so much more than I was expecting! ”

- Hannah

16-year-old Hannah loves to listen to music. She loves to belt out her favorite songs anywhere- especially in the shower! When she’s not jamming out to her favorite songs, you can probably catch Hannah playing video games. Video games allow her to escape from all the stressors that accompany being a high school student. As soon as she logs on, BOOM- she’s somewhere else.

When Hannah was diagnosed with Leukemia about two years ago, much of her free time dissolved and she realized that she wanted something more. She wanted to venture outside of what was comfortable, and see the world through a different lens; one that could not be captured in a game. When she was referred to Make-A-Wish Illinois, she immediately wished for a trip to Copenhagen with her family.

Hannah had never been to Europe before and really wanted to experience Danish culture for herself. And boy did she love it! She was completely enamored with everything. Everywhere she looked and every place she visited. Hannah realized that, “[i]t was really amazing to be a part of a different culture. Not only was the culture cool to witness, but the buildings and tours we got to go on were so unique. Every building was so pretty especially the castles and churches, they were huge and so well decorated with art and carvings and such.”

“My favorite thing was on the last day, we decided to go to the Tivoli, and it was so pretty. It was a garden and an amusement park melded together! But the amusement park didn't feel so unnatural and human made, it somehow fit so perfectly with the nature. And there were so many shops and different places to eat, it was like a whole little town on its own,” Hannah told us.

“It was so much more than I was expecting! It was absolutely stunning over there in Copenhagen. I wish we could've stayed longer than a week, because not only the places we went to was astounding and so so pretty, but the food was also great,” said Hannah.

This wish experience that Hannah had in Copenhagen made her super happy and, looking forward to a healthier future, she already wants to go back there again said her mom Jenny.

“All in all it was an amazing trip and I hope that one day I can go back, because it seems like even though we made the most of each day spending hours going places; it seems there are still things to discover,” Hannah said as she reflected on her wish experience.

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