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Brooklyn Cruises the Caribbean

Brooklyn and Mickey Mouse

“ The overall experience was truly awesome! ”

- Melinda, Brooklyn's mom

As they stepped aboard their flight, the Iund family immediately felt at ease. Brooklyn, a 9-year-old young girl diagnosed with cystic fibrosis was granted her wish on to set sail on a Disney Cruise. She and her immediate family enjoyed a week at sea where they were overcome by the enchantment of the Caribbean. Brooklyn’s mother, Melinda, said that “the overall experience was truly awesome!”

Brooklyn and her family enjoyed numerous moments throughout the wish, but Melinda said that Brooklyn’s favorite moment was swimming with the dolphins. When the ship stopped at Blue Lagoon Island Brooklyn’s wish came true and her family couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed as they watched her dance, swim and splash with the dolphins. A special moment that Brooklyn will forever cherish is when the dolphin trainer asked one of the dolphins to go grab a present especially specially for Brooklyn from the bottom of the ocean and when the dolphin came back up he had a rock for her in its mouth. This is now Brooklyn’s favorite memento from the wish; that and a big dolphin kiss!

Brooklyn and family also enjoyed a swim with stingrays, renting bikes and boating during their excursions from the ship. Brooklyn enjoyed the VIP treatment on-board the ship and participated in as many of the activities as possible including numerous rides down the water slide. On the first night of the cruise, Brooklyn requested her favorite shrimp cocktail through room service; by the second night the staff had shrimp cocktail waiting for her at their sit down dinner and then every night after that as well.

When the family stepped off the ship Brooklyn turned to her parents and said “Can we please go on another Disney Cruise!” Her family just chuckled and knew that this experience had given Brooklyn a sense of hope.

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