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Brian's West Coast Adventure

Brian and the Golden Gate Bridge

“ It's something he’ll talk about for years. ”

- Brian's mom

Diagnosed with kidney disease as an infant, things took a turn in the summer of 2017, when Brian, now 10, was required to have nightly dialysis. Not only did it keep him from sleepovers and any fun activities after certain hours, it meant he had to restrict his diet as well, giving up some of his favorite foods. His illness was life-altering for him and his entire family.

At one of his check-in visits, the transplant team at Lurie Children's Hospital shared information about Make-A-Wish with Brian’s mom Donna. She made the call, and soon Brian was on a journey of hope and resilience.

Brian had become fascinated with San Francisco through one of his favorite television shows. It didn’t hurt that it was also the home of his favorite basketball team, the Golden State Warriors. Whenever he was feeling down about his health, he would think about all the things he was going to do when he was able to have his wish to visit the city by the bay.

“As he was planning his wish, he was super excited and full of anticipation,” Donna said.

Brian and posing with the Golden Gate BridgeFinally, Brian received the good news that he was having a kidney transplant. Though the prospect of surgery was scary, his mom was excited that this would mean a more typical life for her normally joyous little boy. His wish planning was in full swing and he had a goal of getting healthy to enjoy it.

And enjoy it he did! He rode the cable cars, took a tour of the Bay Bridge, visited the California Science Academy and, best of all, went to the Golden State Warriors game.

“It was a lot of fun watching him cheer on his favorite team and not have the weight of going to the doctor or being on dialysis,” Donna shared. “He even enjoyed some food he wasn’t able to eat in a while.”

They were all touched by the outpouring of support for Brian, and how kind everyone was as they learned he was on his wish. His mom reports that Brian is doing well now, playing basketball again and sharing his wish story with family and friends and planning his next trip to San Francisco.

  • Brian and his Dad at the Golden State Warriors game

  • Brian and some Southwest friends

  • Brian posing with the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Brian in the cockpit with the pilot of their plane

  • Brian chilling out

  • Brian with his parents and the Golden Gate Bridge

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