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Aniyah goes to New York Fashion Week

Aniyah in New York getting ready for Fashion Week.

“ It really showed us that anything is possible...that dreams come true. ”

- Angela, Aniyah's mom

For artistic 14-year-old Aniyah, fashion has always been a creative outlet. From admiring styles to making designs, she loves it all. And for the longest time, Aniyah has dreamed of seeing fashion shows up-close.

In 2016, Aniyah was diagnosed with cancer. Despite constant hospital visits, she was determined to keep her creative spark and daring fashion sense. During one of her visits to University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hosptial, a child life specialist introduced her to Make-A-Wish and Aniyah knew right then that she would want her wish to involve high fashion.

With the promise of bright lights and creative fashion designs within reach, Aniyah wished to attend fashion week in New York City. The teen grew strong with excitement, according to her mom Angela.

“She was very, very excited to get a wish granted,” Angela said. “We were all so grateful for the opportunity.”

And so, Aniyah was off to New York with her family to watch the New York Fashion Week in person like she’d always dreamed. Angela said Aniyah was “over-the-top” with joy throughout the entire week, and her favorite parts of the trip were sight-seeing around the city and meeting people involved with the fashion show.

From Project Runway to the Academy of Art, Aniyah said she was captivated by “everyone’s different fashion sense and designs.” Seeing the creative designs up close inspired her to continue making daring fashion choices. Dressed in her best, Aniyah returned home with newfound inspiration and a renewed sense of hope and optimism, ready to take on any challenges that came her way.

“The whole experience … really showed us that anything is possible,” Angela said. “It showed us that dreams do come true. We’re still incredibly grateful."

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