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Allison's Australian Adventure


“ This was an amazing wish that Allison still talks about today! ”

- Allison's Mom

Allison excitedly buckled herself into her seat as she and her family settled in for their 16 hour plane ride half-way around the globe. The 17-year-old high school girl diagnosed with a very rare life-threatening kidney disease, called C3 Glomerulonephritis, wished to visit Australia. Her love for wildlife has captured her interest and imagination, making Australia the ideal vacation destination.   

312x214After the family landed and arrived to their hotel, the first thing on Allison’s to-do list was to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. She and her family took a crash course on scuba diving, while they were on a ship anchored just a few feet away from the Great Barrier Reef.  Once in the water, Alison enjoyed her breath-taking underwater view, and she was even able to stick her hand into a giant oyster!

“It was so scary touching the oyster,” Allison mentioned, “but at the same time it was an awesome feeling”. She was also able to see many different types of coral and tropical fish.

Allison’s heart skipped a beat as her family made a stop at the Cairns Tropical Zoo. She instantly fell in love when she was given the opportunity to hold a koala bear. She also managed to take a “selfie” with middle-aged kangaroo. Allison said, “This was such an amazing experience being able to hold and touch them.”

While in Australia, Allison celebrated her 17th birthday. She and her family also got the opportunity to go zip lining. While she was soaring through the rainforest she was able to see many different types of beautiful trees, flowers and wildlife. Additionally, the family was able to make special stop at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. When the Park staff found out Allison was from Make-A-Wish, they told Allison and her family to come back for dinner, so they did! The staff brought Allison onto a stage where they presented her with a cake and presents. The rest of the night consisted of singing around a bonfire and enjoying a live show of Tjapukai dancers.

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