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Donor Advised Funds and IRA Rollover

Donor Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund, or DAF, is a giving vehicle that you establish at a public charity. It allows you to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants from your fund over time. You can contribute to the fund as frequently as you like, and then recommend grants to your charities, like Make-A-Wish Illinois, whenever it is most advantageous to you.

Use Donor Advised Fund contributions to support Make-A-Wish Illinois

Monthly Donations Through a DAF
Did you know? You can schedule monthly gifts to Make-A-Wish Illinois through your Donor Advised Fund. Your monthly gift replenishes the “wishing well,” granting wishes every month to a different wish child. With your monthly donation, you become a member of the Wishing Well – Monthly Giving Society.

Designate Make-A-Wish Illinois As Your DAF Beneficiary
Just as you can include a charity as a beneficiary of your IRA or insurance policy, you can name Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois as the successor beneficiary of your Donor Advised Fund.

Give through your Donor Advised Fund by directing your gift to:

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois
640 N. LaSalle Dr. Ste. 280
Chicago, IL 60654

Charity Tax ID: 36- 3422138

IRA Rollover

A qualified charitable distribution, also known as an IRA charitable rollover gift, allows individuals 70½ or older to make an outright gift of up to $100,000 annually from an IRA directly to Make-A-Wish Illinois (the distribution is not subject to tax).

Recap of Charitable IRA Rollover Rules

  • The IRA account holder must be age 70½ or older at the time the distribution is made to Make-A-Wish Illinois
  • Distributions are limited to $100,000 per individual per year and must be transferred directly from the IRA custodian to Make-A-Wish Illinois
  • Distributions can only be directed from a traditional or Roth IRA
  • The distribution must be an outright gift to Make-A-Wish Illinois

Benefits of Charitable IRA Rollover

  • Satisfies all or part of annual required minimum distributions (RMD) and provides a charitable giving strategy for donors who do not need the additional income
  • The rollover amount is a tax-exempt distribution and not subject to income tax
  • Maximizes giving by allowing donors to give outside of the charitable deduction limit
  • Provides value for those who do not itemize
  • May be used to fulfill any outstanding pledges

You should work closely with your IRA custodian to request a direct distribution to Make-A-Wish.

Contact Susan M. Zellner, Individual Giving Director, at 312.602.9429 or with questions and to notify us of your planned gift.

How the CARES Act Impacts Charitable Giving for 2020

To help non-profits withstand the economic impacts of COVID-19, the US Government has expanded the charitable deductions for the 2020 tax year:
  • Allows all taxpayers (whether they itemize or not) to deduct up to $300 in cash giving
  • For individuals, raises the cap on annual giving from 60% of adjusted gross income to 100%
  • For corporations, raises the annual limit from 10% to 25% of taxable income
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