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Why do you give?

Don Pall, longtime donor and supporter
As a professional baseball player for 15 years, Donn Pall was living his dream as he stepped onto the field every day with the Chicago White Sox. He felt lucky to have that chance and decided then and there that helping make wishes come true was how he was going to give back.

In the late 1980s Pall met many wish children through his visits to hospitals, as they had wishes granted at the ball park and at various fundraising appearances.

“I felt great about what I was doing and it seemed like such a good match,” Pall said of his work with Make-A-Wish. “Getting to meet the kids made it feel like more than supporting a big charity, it made it personal.”

After his career in professional sports, Pall is now a successful financial planner. Driven to be the best he can be for his wife and two children, Pall is constantly exploring ways to serve his clients better and stays on top of emerging knowledge about the business. In doing so, he’s taken his own advice and created a Donor Advised Fund to support his giving to Make-A-Wish Illinois and other charities.

“Given the recent tax changes you need to be more strategic,” Pall said. “A Donor Advised Fund is one way to realize tax benefits while still supporting the charities you love.”

In addition to the immediate tax benefits, Pall says a Donor Advised fund can offer flexibility in choosing how and when to give to charity and can be a way to involve the whole family in charitable decisions. It is a thoughtful approach to making a charitable impact.

As for why he continues to keep Make-A-Wish as part of his family philanthropy, Pall says:

“I’m so fortunate for everything I have in my life, I want to give back. Make-A-Wish has been near and dear to me and my family for over 30 years now.”

Donn Pall, CFP®, is First Vice President and a Financial Advisor with The TRPM Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley in Oak Brook. Pall continues his support of Make-A-Wish Illinois through his own donations as well as supporting community events benefiting Make-A-Wish like Golfing for Wishes.

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