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Bilingual Volunteers Help Grant Wishes… And So Much More

Yesenia, Oscar, & Wish Child Alejandra
Every child with a critical illness needs the hope and resilience a wish can bring into their lives. As Make-A-Wish Illinois works to reach these children, more volunteers in every neighborhood are needed to create life-changing wish experiences. Right now, the need for bilingual volunteers is urgent.

To help each child who is on their wish journey have the most impactful experience, sometimes having someone who speaks their family’s language can help alleviate any stress or confusion about the process.

“A wish has the power to bring so much joy to a child and their family,” says Rebecca Chacon, community engagement manager for Make-A-Wish Illinois. “When a family is able to communicate with their wish granters in their native language, we can create an even stronger bond with that family.”

Bilingual Volunteers Build Trust

Volunteers who speak the same language as a family help to establish an immediate connection, which builds trust and understanding.

“Every time I speak with a family in Spanish, they become so happy to have someone speak the same language,” says volunteer Yesenia Presley of Gilberts.

Connecting by speaking the same language is important, but more importantly, similar languages allow for connections that are deeper and more meaningful.

“It’s not only language; it’s also culture. Medical conditions are extremely private and personal but establishing a relationship by understanding a family’s situation helps to open a family up to help and give them hope,” says Presley.

Being a Make-A-Wish Illinois volunteer not only helps a family and a wish child through an incredibly journey that can provide hope and healing through the power of a wish, but it helps the volunteer too.

Volunteering Enriches Lives of Volunteers

“As a volunteer, I learn to be more human. I listen and understand problems better, and I can support these families.”

Learn more on how to start your volunteer journey here, or you can register for an online webinar that will start be the first step to changing a child’s life through Make-A-Wish.

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