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Our Offices

Main Office

Make-A-Wish® Illinois
640 N. LaSalle Drive, Suite 280
Chicago, Illinois 60654-6754
312.602.9474 main
800.978.9474 toll-free
312.602.9499 fax

Regional Offices

Make-A-Wish® Illinois
One West Old State Capital Plaza, Suite 721
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1374
217.544.9470 phone
217.753.9471 fax

Make-A-Wish® Illinois
411 Hamilton Blvd, Suite 1715
Peoria, Illinois 61602-3139
309.637.1659 phone
309.637.1861 fax

Make-A-Wish® Illinois
640 North LaSalle Drive
Suite 280
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 602-9474
Toll Free (800) 978-9474