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Kristen's Trip to Disney World

wish child Kristen

“ My wish to Disney will forever be in my heart ”

- Kristen

Kristen and her families have been long-time supporters of Make-A-Wish and it all started back in 1991 when Kristen was granted her wish to Disney World.

Like many kids, Kristen loved everything Disney, especially Mickey and Minnie, so when five-year-old Kristen was given the chance to go to Disney, she could not resist! She and her family traveled down to Orlando, Florida, and were greeted by many characters at Walt Disney World.

While in Disney, Kristen and her family were kept very busy. They traveled from park to park, riding as many rides as they could and stopped to pose for pictures with many familiar faces, making sure to add Mickey and Minnie to that list. The family even got the chance to visit SeaWorld and Universal Studios.

Kristen recalls her favorite part being Mickey’s house and dressing room. She loved trying on all the accessories and could not stop smiling.

Since the wish, Kristen has been back to visit Disney and said that being there again made all the feelings from her wish come back.  “My family is talking about going back soon and we were reminiscing my wish,” Kristen said.

Kristen and her family were so grateful for their chance to spend the week in Disney as a family. Kristen cannot thank Make-A-Wish enough for granting an unforgettable wish for her and other children and for allowing her to create memories that will last a lifetime. “My wish to Disney will forever be in my heart,” Kristen shares.

Kristen graduated from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater six years ago with a degree in Graphic design.  She then went on to get her Medical Billing Certificate and has been working as a Medical Biller for the past three years. 

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  • "His wish showed him that there is and always will be something to look forward to in the future. The countdown for this once in a lifetime experience was like no other. He focused on getting through many rough days of treatments knowing that things would be going better for him and he would again feel like doing fun things again. It gave him hope like he had really started to lose after being diagnosed. Missing out on school, playing sports and not seeing his friends on a regular basis like before was very difficult on him. We had talked of the Hawaii trip since the day he was told and that gave everyone something to look forward to while he was having such a hard time." - Kara, Wish Mom

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  • "His wish showed him that there is and always will be something to look forward to in the future. He focused on get…

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