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Shauna's Animal Adventure

Shauna visits San Diego Zoo

“ This gave [her] a break from the reality of her disease. ”

- Shauna's Parents

Shauna is a spunky 11-year old young girl from Benton who loves animals. Diagnosed with end stage renal disease, a result of condition she was born with that also affects her bones, she requires regular dialysis treatment.

Shauna’s love for animals inspired her wish to go to the San Diego Zoo to see the panda bears. For the first time Shauna flew on an airplane with her family as they traveled to California. Her mom thought she was going to be very nervous flying, but it turned out she was enthralled by being able to sit by the window and see the world below her.

“She really needed the break from the reality of her disease and a chance to just have fun,” Lana, Shauna’s mom said.

During her wish Shauna and her family enjoyed the beautiful California scenery, visited Disneyland, Sea World, Safari Park, and most importantly the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo is one of only four zoos in the United States to house the rare bears and the most successful in captive panda birth rates. While there she zoo staff helped her get as close as possible to the giant pandas and her favorite part of the wish trip was being able to feed a real live panda bear at the zoo. The zoo also boasts an interactive Giant Panda Discovery Center with exhibits that let visitor experience first-hand what the animals smell and sound like.

The wish made her feel very special. ”

— Shauna's mom

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