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Mia Meets Elsa

Wish child Mia

“ She was feeling so bad. She was in a wheelchair by then and after about 10 minutes with Elsa and Anna she perked up again. ”

Mia is a fun-loving, outgoing and adventurous eight-year-old from Cary who loves princesses, drawing and the color purple.

Diagnosed with a life-threatening skin disease in 2012, Mia wished to meet Elsa, the famous Disney Princess from the wildly popular movie, Frozen.

“I don’t know if there are too many eight-year-olds who have a bucket list, but Mia has a bucket list,” Laura, Mia’s mom, said.

While visiting Walt Disney World, Make-A-Wish arranged for Mia to have a very special meet-and-greet with Elsa and Anna. She was grateful for the opportunity to spend some quality time with the princesses and to play reindeer games with them. Laura shared that this experience helped spark energy back into Mia.

“She was feeling so bad. She was in a wheelchair by then and after about 10 minutes with Elsa and Anna she perked up again,” Laura said.

Mia’s wish experience also reinforced her desire to help others. She wants to return to Disney World so that she can volunteer at Give Kids the World Village in order to help other children. She had so much fun there that she hopes to be able to stay in the exact same village when she returns.

Laura revealed that this experience meant a lot to Mia and to the whole family. “We got to do things that she can’t normally do. She got to be a kid for a week.”

Mia has been sharing stories about her experience since her return home. She even believes that it will be very difficult for another vacation to top her fulfilled wish.

Wish child Mia 


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