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Kylen's Service Dog

Wish child Kylen with family and service dog

“ Make-A-Wish provided something that we were missing in our lives. ”

- Kylen's Mom

Kylen is a loving, silly, happy, and daring six-year-old from Sun River Terrace. He and his family heard about Make-A-Wish when his parents inquired about the possibility of a wish for him due to his life-threatening seizure disorder. Kylen wished for a special service dog to help him through his many seizures.

Kylen was matched up with a service dog through Committed Canine. Kylen’s puppy was trained specifically for Kylen’s needs and desires. Once the family was matched with the right dog, they spent a few days with the dog at the training facility to learn how to continue training the pup and so she could became acclimated with the family.

“The puppy is so gentle, sweet and wonderful. It was absolutely amazing to see how she connected right away with Kylen and knew exactly what her role with him would be,” Patti, one of Kylen’s wish granters.

Kylen’s favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so he was excited to name his new companion Mickey. To help welcome Mickey home, Make-A-Wish volunteers worked with the local Petco  store to pick out necessities and gifts for Mickey.

wish child Kylen with service dogThe employees at Petco welcomed Kylen and Mickey with themed decorations and treats and helped him to pick out just the right items. Kylen was excited to select a coat, a bed and a crate for Mickey.

“The day Make-A-Wish granted his wish, it helped us put his illness on the back burner for a bit,” Kylen’s mother Sherlonda said.

Since the wish, Kylen has become more acclimated to Mickey and she has become like another member of the family.

“She is so attentive to him and would not leave his side during his seizures. She knew something was wrong and stands by his side whenever he is happy or in distress. She provides comfort that we cannot,” Sherlonda, said.

Sherlonda is so grateful for everything Make-A-Wish has done to make their lives a little bit easier. Because most children do not understand Kylen’s illness, the service companion serves as a way for children to interact with Kylen in ways they would not have done before.

[The Make-A-Wish volunteers] were so understanding, attentive, and did everything in their power so that Kylen’s wish could be granted, and for that, I am forever grateful! ”

— Kylen's Mom

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