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Dulce's Room Redo


“ From the moment I arrived, Dulce's mom said she couldn’t believe this was all happening and was a dream come true. ”

- Wish Coordinator Sonja

Dulce is a very happy and easy-going five-year-old from Bolingbrook who lives with a life-threatening metabolic disorder.

Dulce's brother David also has the same metabolic disorder. After getting to be a part of her brother’s wish to have an outdoor playground, she was excited to have a wish of her own.

Referred to Make-A-Wish through her developmental therapist, Dulce received her wish of having a room in her home redone especially for playing. She wanted her very own playroom where she and David could gather all of their toys and put their imaginations to good use.

Although Dulce is nonverbal, she is nonetheless an expressive and bright child.

“She is non-verbal, but very expressive. You can tell that she has a lot to communicate,” Sonja, Dulce’s wish coordinator shared.

Make-A-Wish volunteers created a playroom full of pink and bright colors that match her personality. They filled the room with lots of props and toys that fit right into Dulce's interests; a chef outfit, play dough, a cash register, a mini salon, an indoor kitchen, toy food, an arts and crafts set and board games.

Amid the many interests that Dulce and David have in common is their love of playing pretend. Like many other five-year-old children, Dulce enjoys pretending to be a chef and playing with toy food.

Sonja shared the gratitude that Teresita, Dulce’s mom, felt toward Dulce and David’s wish experiences.

“From the moment I arrived, Teresita continued to mention how she couldn’t believe this was all happening and was a dream come true,” she said.


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