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Autumn's Splash Pad

Autumn at play

“ It was such a positive experience and a positive light. ”

- Autumn's Mom

Receiving a wish not only helped Autumn with her treatments, but served as a source of happiness and a positive distraction.

Autumn is a happy 3-year-old girl from Algonquin with a magnetic personality. A lover of everything pink, the Candyland board game, Tinkerbell, ice skating, and frozen yogurt, it’s only fitting that Autumn’s wish was for something as lively and playful as she is. Her wish for a residential splash pad, a non-slip surface with playground-like features for outdoor recreational water play, was granted this June.

Autumn was diagnosed with stage three Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in October 2013. She was referred to Make-A-Wish Illinois by her parents shortly after her diagnosis, and her impending wish was what kept her going while she endured numerous treatments and chemotherapy sessions. Autumn picked out custom features and flower-shaped sprinklers for her splash pad, an activity that her mom, Adrianna, says was “her happy place” and helped get her through difficult treatments.

“To see the smile put on Autumn’s face and see the volunteers who want nothing more than to make her happy… It was just such a positive experience and a positive light for her and our family,” Adrianna says. “Our wish granting volunteers were nothing short of phenomenal.”

Autumn’s condition has significantly improved since her diagnosis. She is enjoying playing with her sister Abby and other neighborhood children on her new splash pad, where her parents can see her “smiling ear to ear.”

  • Autumn, her parents, and the My Splash Pad team

  • Autumn and her Make-A-Wish team members, Ken and Laurie

  • Autumn poses with her hard hat.

  • Autumn oversees the construction of her Splash Pad.

  • Autumn and her dad help the construction team.

  • Autumn is joyful when her Splash Pad wish is revealed.

  • Autumn is all splashes and smiles.

  • Autumn is all splashes and smiles.

  • 3-year-old Autumn

  • Autumn at play

  • Autumn takes in the magic of her new Splash Pad

  • Autumn takes in the magic of her new Splash Pad

  • Autumn's new Splash Pad

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Carmela Martinez

My name is Carmela and I am Autumn's Aunt. I can not tell you how happy I was to see the smile that was on Autumn's face when she saw her splash pad completed... it was a smile that we had not seen for months while she was going through chemo. Thank you Make A Wish for bringing that beautiful smile back to Autumn's face and giving her a piece of her childhood back.

June 18, 2014 - 3:15 PM

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