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I Wish to Go

“ I have never been so happy and could not have asked for ... ”

Jessica , 17


I wish to go on an African Safari


Caleb Visits Alaska


Owen Explores Discovery Cove


Allison's Australian Adventure


Jadon Visits Disney World

Kyle Visits Atlantis Resort

Kyle Explores Atlantis


Ella's Disney Cruise

Wish child Rylee

Rylee goes to Hawaii

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Latest Status Update

  • Dr. James B. Fahner, M.D., F.A.A.P. and chair of the medical advisory council for Make-A-Wish America knows how much wishes benefit wish kids. “A wish is really a part of our medicine,” he says. “It’s something, in many ways, that’s just as healing as anything you’d get in a clinic or a hospital.” This National Doctors’ Day, we say thank you to the doctors who care for our wish kids, each and every day.
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