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Zoe's Disney Cruise

Zoe's Wish

“ I like going to waterparks and taking adventures! ”

- Zoe

Zoe is a 10-year-old girl from Bloomington who loves reading, swimming, and above all else, going on big adventures. Shortly after birth, Zoe was diagnosed with a congenital cardiac condition that has required surgery and careful monitoring.

While being treated at Edward Hospital, a nurse introduced Make-A-Wish to Zoe and her family. Zoe’s wish was to travel on a Disney Cruise and see all the sights that the great sea has to offer her. She made this wish because she had never been to Walt Disney World or Florida.

This new adventure allowed Zoe to explore the ocean while sliding on huge water slides. Zoe’s mom described her as being “quite the little daredevil.”    

"Zoe had many firsts on this trip," her mom shared. "First trip to Florida. First cruise. First time on a jet-ski. First trip to a big water park."

The highlights of this trip for Zoe were riding on a jet ski and seeing all of the different Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, and her favorites, Chip ‘n’ Dale.

“I like going to water parks and taking adventures!” Zoe exclaimed upon her return.

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Latest Status Update

  • “Perhaps it was coincidence that from the time of the wish reveal until the trip, her health improved dramatically, and that the blood counts we were watching had stabilized, but I'd like to think not. Knowing that her magical wish was coming gave her new stores of energy and joy that we didn't think possible." #hopeismedicine
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