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Josalyn's Mediterranean Exploration

Josalyn in Italy

“ It’s hard to get back to normal life, but Make-A-Wish gave me back a piece of normal. ”

- Wish Kid Josalyn

The smell of fresh baked goods, the sound of the city, the large vineyards and the history of the nation is what draw so many people into Italy. Wish kid Josalyn has always been intrigued by the mystique of  the Mediterranean country known for its unique shape.

Josalyn is a 17 year-old from Chicago. In the summer 2013 Josalyn was diagnosed with cancer. Referred to Make-A-Wish by a social worker at Lurie Children’s Hospital, Josalyn knew that she wanted to travel to the country that has always captivated her imagination. 

Two years after being diagnosed, Make-A-Wish sent Josalyn and her family to Italy to explore her interests. They received a warm airport sendoff from the Make-A-Wish Illinois Women’s Board as they began their journey.

“I wanted to go to Italy so bad because I thought it was beautiful. We were studying Shakespeare in school and it got me Josalyn makes cannolivery interested in Italian culture and the various cities that were in the books we read,” Josalyn said.

During her wish, Josalyn got to tour vineyards in Florence, go on a gondola ride, sight see in Rome and tour the Vatican. By far, her favorite part of the whole trip was making cannoli in Florence with professional pastry chefs.

“It was my favorite part because the chefs really took my wish to heart,” Josalyn enthused. “They shared their passion for baking with me and it was a very special experience.”

“A wish is so important because after going through being sick a wish can really bring your family closer together,” Josalyn remarked. “It’s hard to get back to normal life, but Make-A-Wish gave me back a piece of normal.”

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  • We're saddened today to learn of the loss of wish granter, Stan Lee. Stan was a patient and kind wish granter who often met wish kids and their families at movie premieres and conventions, and he will be missed. Thank you for granting so many life-changing wishes, Stan. 💫 Excelsior!

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  • We're saddened to learn of the loss of wish granter, @TheRealStanLee. Stan was a patient & kind wish granter who of…

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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