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Hailey Tours Orlando

Hailey Visits Disney

“ This experience gave Hailey so much joy and took her mind off of her treatments. ”

- Jonathon, Hailey's Dad

Eight-year-old Hailey from Rock Island is a happy and loving young girl who loves dolphins and the ocean. According to her family, she is a little shy but her smile can light up a room. Two of her favorite things include swimming and learning all she can about the sea and different sea animals.

In 2011, Hailey was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor. Since her diagnosis, Hailey has become no stranger to doctor’s appointments, treatments and hospital visits. Referred to Make-A-Wish through her medical team, Hailey wished to swim with the dolphins.

Make-A-Wish sent Hailey and her family to Orlando, Florida for a week-long adventure. They stayed at Give Kids the World Village, a special resort designed just for children visiting through wish granting organizations. During their trip, Hailey was able to visit various theme parks including Epcot and Sea World. Hailey’s dreams came true when she visited Discovery Cove where she learned how to snorkel and got to swim with dolphins, stingrays and other exotic fish.

“This experience gave Hailey so much joy and took her mind off of her treatments. She loves to tell everyone all about her incredible wish experience,” said Hailey’s father,  Jonathan.

Hailey’s wish gave her the chance to break out of her shell and enjoy being a child without the worries of her illness. Hailey can look back on her wish and remember the joy she was able to share with her family for years to come!

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