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Shiloh Chiropractic

Shiloh Chiropractic

Make-A-Wish Illinois helps thousands of kids with life-threatening illnesses every year. With the help of business sponsors an even bigger impact can be made. One local chiropractic clinic stands out in Shiloh, Illinois.

Shiloh Chiropractic made it their mission in 2013 to help Make-A-Wish Illinois by donating money from fundraising events and sponsoring three wish children.  After raising over $19,000, this business has made a lasting impact in the lives of many and stands out in its community as a philanthropic beacon. By holding two patient appreciation days and donating all new patient screening fees for every patient, this business was able to reach its fundraising goal.  Helping three children receive their wishes was a fulfilling experience for the office, and being able to be a part of Make-A-Wish Illinois allowed the clinic to be a part of the wish process and witness the joy of each child as their wish was granted.

When asked what made the clinic’s partnering with Make-A-Wish so special, Dr. Rob Rice stated that “Being a chiropractor, I feel extremely blessed to be able to help people live a healthy and happy life—one thing that I can’t help with is children with certain ailments.” He and his colleague Dr. Keim both agreed, “This is why we work with Make-A-Wish, it’s how we can improve and take these kids’ situations and try to make them a little better.”

The doctors and staff all participated and granted wishes to two children in the 2013 year.  Though they met their fundraising goal, the doctors said they could not turn their back on the third child’s unmet wish.  The final wish will be completed this year.

“These kids don’t get to experience the same things you and I do. We feel that it’s important to be able to help with that,” Dr. Rice said of his ambition to help meet these children’s wishes and meet their office fundraising goal. “People don’t realize the good that organizations like Make-A-Wish do until you experience it firsthand. We’ve been happy and lucky to be a part of this experience with Make-A-Wish.”

Working closely with their local wish granter and Regional Council Member, Carla Diamond, the doctors both agreed that the process of fundraising and wish granting was very pleasant and rewarding for both them and their staff. 

Like this chiropractic clinic in Illinois, many other businesses and individuals have made lasting impacts in the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses and the lives of many to come with their donations. To learn more about becoming a community business donor or a wish granter, visit

People don’t realize the good that organizations like Make-A-Wish do until you experience it firsthand. ”

— Dr. Rob Rice

Shiloh Chiropractic helps grant wishes.

Shiloh Chiropractic helps grant wishes.

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