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Wish Granter Training

October 23, 2013

Time :

6 to 8:45 p.m.

Location :


Make-A-Wish Illinois is hosting a free training session for wish-granting volunteers. To attend the training, potential volunteers must complete the volunteer application and online preparation before the session; therefore RSVP is required in advance. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Reserve a spot by contacting Tonisha Daniel at or 800.978.9474, x413. All volunteers must be over 21 and submit an application, reference and background check; complete an online and brief in-person training to begin granting wishes. 

Wish-Granting volunteers will work in teams of two to help grant the wishes of children in their community. Volunteers plan and carry out wishes from start to finish with support from the Make-A-Wish staff. Wish Granters are asked to give 10-12 hours per month to grant at least three wishes per year.

Important Note

In the comments/question section of this form, please indicate your child’s life-threatening medical condition/diagnosis

Something to Consider

Please keep in mind that Make-A-Wish® does not cold call families of potentially eligible children. We ask you to please exercise compassion and suggest to families that they contact Make-A-Wish directly.

A second-party introduction can be unsettling for a child or the family. We prefer that the referral process be as comfortable, inspiring and private as possible.

Thank you for your consideration in this regard.

Please feel free to call us at 312.602.9474 (800.978.9474, toll-free) with any questions you may have.

Latest Status Update

  • 4,600 children are diagnosed every year with a brain tumor, and it is a diagnosis that can make days seem pretty grey. When Donovan was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014, his wish helped to brighten his days again: he wished to be the star of his own movie as a ninja superhero! To commemorate Brain Tumor Awareness Month, grab some popcorn and watch "The Legend of ECHO."

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